I Dream of Aberdeen

In approximately a month and a half, Logan and I will be flying to Aberdeen, Scotland so that I can get my Masters degree. Now that it’s getting  closer, the anxiety is definitely overpowering the excitement. I’m practically peeing my pants in fear. What were we thinking? Why hasn’t my CAS number come yet? Will we get a good apartment? Why are plane tickets the cost of a used car? Will we have any money left when we get back? Will I be able to keep up in class? Will we find jobs? I’m going crazy here.

Even the chapel is intimidating.

I’ll be really far away from everyone and everything I know, except for Logan and a few suitcases. I may look like one of those adventurous types to you people because I agreed to do this, but a lot of time has gone into worrying over the past year. I’m not a person who can flit about the globe just because I want to–I’m not a savvy and seasoned world traveler. I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into, actually.

Of course, part of me is also incredibly excited about attending a university that was founded in 1495 and has 500 years of history under its belt. Beautiful old buildings, an interesting faculty, a sweet new library…

This is the staircase going up through the middle. Cool, right?

…and an old library where I will probably be the majority of the time…

Kind of like the one in Beauty and the Beast without the dance floor.

…and there will be kilts! Pubs! Haggis!

Mmm, I can't wait to bury my face in this magical treat.

So, who knows. If I try to let go of all my neurotic worries, maybe I will relax enough to enjoy myself prepare for this move. Or, maybe I will self-medicate and bite off all of my fingernails. Time will tell!


4 thoughts on “I Dream of Aberdeen

  1. i am SO so glad you finally put your blog up on here so that i could see it. i just read them all and they are very good i loved it! you are perfect, so of course your writing is perfectly entertaining. i also want that book, about the essentials for the kitchen. i’ll be living alone for the next 10 months and i like to cook, it could come in handy. and i am sooooo jealous of those pictures of your school. it practically makes tears of jealousy come out of my eyes. that old library. and the chapel. the new lib. it’s amazing. i hope yall have a great time. and stop worrying.

  2. Don’t worry be happy…You need to set up Skype account so we will be able to visit over the internet at no charge. It is the only contact we have had with Michael while he is in China and it is so neat. I think your whole family would appreciate being able to see you and talk to you.Just remember the Lord will sustain you! Love, Aunt Sherry

    • Thanks Aunt Sherry. I do have a Skype account, at least I used to, and I will definitely be using it while we are overseas! We will have to chat on there sometime :)

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