Lady in Waiting

Well, after all that worrying about finding a place to live and not having a CAS number to apply for my visa, I received both within 48 hours of the last post. Sure, now I have new worries such as paying for everything and hoping to God that we are making the right decision and doing all of the endless paperwork to get a visa, but at the end of it all I will have a Master’s degree in one year from a wonderful university. Here is the building where we will be living:

Crombie Hall, right on campus!

I just want to be there already, all bundled up and walking to class on a cold morning. It just looks cold, doesn’t it? A welcome break from these 100-degree Abilene weeks.

This has been a summer of waiting. After I graduated in May, I couldn’t keep my job at the university as I was no longer a student (and no one in Abilene wants to hire someone who will be moving in a month). A number of my close friends have moved away, and it’s too incredibly hot to spend much time outside. So, my days have been spent waiting for major events–first it was our wedding, but now it’s news from Aberdeen, our accommodation, moving away. I’ve gotten little things done, but it seems like lately I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch. I’m not a person who lives to be inactive, if that makes sense. I’d rather work hard my whole life in order to one day travel, or go back to school, or flip a house. I don’t want the purpose of my life to be to buy an enormous and luxurious home to sit in. Even when I do imagine myself in a nice home one day, I see myself in the kitchen cooking a huge meal with family running about. The only time that sitting on a couch and watching television is enjoyable and relaxing is when one has been working hard and legitimately needs a break.

So, as you can tell, it is harmful to both my hips and my ethics to be sitting inside all day. What to do? I am a Lady in Waiting. I guess there are times in life when you have no choice but to wait. Nevertheless, I only have a little bit of waiting left before I will be going at full speed again, so while I am in this predicament I suppose I should embrace this part of life in what little ways I can. Maybe instead of watching TV or staring at meaningless websites I can focus more on this blog, reading, exercising and even getting things ready to move, even though it’s still a little early. In a few weeks I’ll probably look back and thank myself for doing some of the work earlier than I had to.

Three weeks until we are out of the apartment, and then another month before we fly to Aberdeen. Let the countdown and visa paperwork begin!


5 thoughts on “Lady in Waiting

    • Yes, I did….I realized that I needed to edit it to be a little less harsh, in case people who read it disagreed. It’s okay if they disagree, and I meant everything I said, but I could have put it a different way that was more…understanding? Humble? Compassionate? I was a bit too straightforward….still learning how to write for a non-academia audience. Wish there was somewhere I could write exactly what I’m thinking, but this is probably good for me to learn how to do this! I know YOU understand Katie :) Did you get to read any of it?

  1. Yes, I got to read the whole thing because your post are emailed to me. If I didn’t get them through email, I’d forget to ever check your blog! haha.

    I think I have problems being understanding with people who have very rigid, “biblical” definitions on the role of men and women, especially in marriage. The “feminist bible study” I was in last semester with friends was a great outlet. I’m going to have to learn how to speak about the topic to non-academia audiences as well! I’ve already experienced it a little with my grandma – she didn’t like that we called it a “feminist” bible study. I eventually told her she didn’t have to like it. haha… She was ok with that. She’s kind of cheeky so she would have said the same thing to me!

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