Count Your Blessings, Count Your Blessings

I know it’s not Thanksgiving, but lately I need to be reminded of some of the things for which I’m thankful. This is due in part to my ugly disdain at the multiple 100+ degree weeks that Abilene has endured (and that everything is brown), emotional stress from preparing to move to a different country, as well as the terrible things that have been happening in the world lately. So, I think it’s time for a little counting of my blessings.

1) We have a truck. Without that glorious piece of machinery with its 90’s maroon interior, we would be having a much more difficult time trying to move our furniture and mattress. We don’t have to pay for a U-Haul! That alone is reason for celebration. It’s truly a lifesaver.

Not our truck, but the general concept you can expect.

2) I have a husband who can grill like no other. Don’t judge me, but I have a small confession:  I don’t know how to start/turn on/light a grill. See, I don’t even know the correct terminology. In consequence of Logan’s manliness and awesomeness, I have gotten to enjoy mesquite burgers, salmon, chicken breasts, and bratwurst this summer. And what’s summer without grilling out? In fact, we are doing it again tonight:  hickory chicken sandwiches. That means bacon. Be jealous.

Kind of like this. But more delicious, and in my mouth.

3) I never have to plan another wedding again. I know you’ve already heard this one, so I’ll keep it brief. Weddings are from hell. I don’t know how many of you know this little fact about me, but I unintentionally starved myself the entire week of my wedding. Let me tell you, it was not fun. My stomach was in knots because I was afraid I would forget something, and my father practically had to force-feed my Subway sandwich to me the day of the event. I couldn’t even eat the food at my reception! Everyone raved about how good it was, but I have no idea. The champagne toast affected me a little more than it should have because I had an empty stomach. Now that all of that is O-V-E-R, I haven’t felt that feeling in my stomach again, except the day before I mailed my UK visa application last week. But that’s understandable, and it was only for an hour.

An example of BS. This woman is probably trying desperately not to have diarrhea all over that nice dress.

4) United Supermarket’s “Million Dollar Summer”  Collect and Win Game. Sure, I’m probably not going to win anything. But it gives me something to look forward to after a quick run to the grocery store. Plus, there’s that rush of blood to the head when I rip off the edges of that little packet to reveal what stickers I obtained–it’s exhilarating. I am proud to announce that I am only one sticker away from winning a $5,000 cash prize or an Apple iPad 2.

5) I’ve gotten to read a lot of blogs (and write one) with all the time on my hands. I never knew there were so many beautiful yet unpublished writers in the world, but without my summer joblessness I never would have discovered them. There’s all kinds of wit and humor and musings going on in the blogosphere. (Side note:  I hate the word “blogosphere” because it sounds like a high school cheerleader word, but I felt that it was appropriate if I used it this one time). I have a tab entitled “blogs” at the top of this page, and you can peruse a short list of some of my favorites.

6) Despite the heat, we’ve had time to spend with friends who we will not see for at least a year. There have been birthday parties, swimming parties, grilling-out parties, True Blood-watching parties, movie dates, and more. At the end of our time in Abilene, this extra time has allowed us to soak up the summer with those we love. It won’t make us miss them any less during the next year, but we will have more memories to think back on.

Girls' Night at Guitars

The Guys at the Stoop.

7) There is a Starbucks, a McDonald’s, a KFC, a Pizza Hut and a Subway in Aberdeen. While everything else may be slightly unfamiliar, I can go get a plate of fried chicken to remind me of my Southern heritage. I can find solace from the freezing cold with a hot hazelnut latte. Granted, I will probably not go to any of these places unless it is a homesickness emergency (in favor of local cuisine), but it’s nice to know that it’s there.


So, the bottom line is, there’s always something to be thankful for even in the most stressful times of life. Moving means looking forward to something new, no matter how terrifying it is to be going away for an entire year. While I’m packing up everything we own and sweating my life away during the next four days as we move, I know that there are a lot of positive things to think about and that I shouldn’t complain. Fish and chips, for instance. I should have added that to the list :)


4 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings, Count Your Blessings

  1. Alyssa! I hope moving goes as smoothly as possible. I cannot believe I won’t have you with me in Logsdon next semester…what am I going to do?!? Can’t wait to read all about your adventures in Scotland though!!

  2. alyssaaaaaa, come home to me! i just saw this and loved it. and actually laughed out loud, literally. and i am HONORED to have made it on the blog–thank you, thank you. ok, time to come home. we miss and love you guys!

    • Erin, you will CONTINUE to make it on the blog because of your simple awesomeness. It’s just a fact. Especially if you keep wearing your belly shirt. We love and miss you too!

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