New Classes, a Dose of Vocabulary, and Thanksgivings

While Logan and I have been settling in this past week, we haven’t done many exciting, tourist-y things. We’ve been to the grocery store and to a few church activities, but mainly we have just been trying to catch our breath before my classes start (which they did, today). After running around campus trying to get registered for classes, get my ID card, figure out how to print something at the library (more complicated than it sounds) and find the classroom I was supposed to be in, frankly all I feel like doing is sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book. Sadly, I left all of my novels behind in the States. I have a Joseph Campbell book, Myths to Live By, but sometimes I need a break from academic reading (even if it is wonderful, like this book is proving to be). Also, I don’t have any tea. Boo.

Here are the classes I was registered for:

  • The Christian Doctrine of God
  • Systematic Theology Since the Enlightenment
  • Theology in the University (latter 6 weeks of this semester)
  • Dissertation Colloquium (latter 6 weeks of this semester)

And for after Christmas:

  • Interpreting Myth
  • In the Beginning (a practical theology course)
  • The Followers of Lady Poverty:  St. Francis and His Disciples
  • My enormous dissertation. Of course.

I’ve never taken a Systematic Theology course before, save an Intro to Christian Thought class at HSU that was only kind of that way, so I thought I should go for it even if it’s not really my favorite area. To be honest, I’m not really that thrilled about it, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy myself. It will probably be good for me, anyway. I hope. The professor I had today said he didn’t agree with Jurgen Moltmann’s idea that we shouldn’t think of God in classical philosophy terms and made a joke about him being a heretic, so that burst my hope bubble a little.

Yep. There it goes.

On that note, let’s review some Scottish/British vocabulary words that are different from ours and thus made the subject of interest (and at times, mockery) by me and Logan:

“Mental” = crazy, outlandish, frustrating, etc. I’ve heard this used SO many times.

“Brilliant!” = The equivalent of us saying, “That’s genius!” or “Wonderful!” Also used frequently.

“Aboot” = About. So, it’s only a pronunciation thing, but it’s still funny.

“Toilet” = This is the ONLY thing you call the bathroom. Which brings me to my next word…

“Restroom” = Morgue. Where people go to their final “resting place.” Don’t ask to “use the restroom.”

“Trousers” = Pants. Again, this is the ONLY thing you call pants, because…

“Pants” = Underwear. I have an embarrassing story about this involving me telling a local that I saw a girl wearing tights with no pants. I felt more embarrassment than the girl with no “trousers” should have felt.

Something like this. But that's Sienna Miller, and she's probably not in Scotland.

So, there you go.

Also, I’ll end with some random thoughts and thanksgivings (because sometimes my homesickness makes me focus on only the negative things):

  • This week has shown us some sunny weather, and it’s been nice enough outside that you can go without a coat (!).
  • My first class made me incredibly thankful that I can read Greek and Hebrew. It’s not required, but you can understand so much more of what’s going on in these theologians’ heads.
  • I’m so glad that I brought higher socks that go up to your mid-calf and not just the ankle ones. They are so much easier to wear with boots because they don’t slide off when you’re walking long distances.
  • We got both of our parents’ care packages, and now we have a stocked pantry, dish towels, and more than two plates. And chips and salsa. And coffee creamer. And so many other wonderful things that make my heart warm.
  • I’ve discovered my favorite ice cream:  Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. The perfect combination of chocolate ice cream, marshmallow creme, and tiny chocolate fish filled with caramel.
  • As hard as it is to get used to walking everywhere, it means I’m getting my recommended 30 minutes of exercise every day. That means I’m working off that ice cream without having to set aside time for exercise. YES!

4 thoughts on “New Classes, a Dose of Vocabulary, and Thanksgivings

  1. Love reading updates about Scotland! Pretty jealous about some of the classes, especially for next semester. Interpreting Myth and Followers of Lady Poverty sound awesome. Glad you are settling in :). Logsdon and I miss having you in class though!

  2. I am glad I read Harry Potter, I feel as though it has prepared me for the basic ‘lingo’ if I ever make it to the U.K.

    p.s. Keep writing, I love hearing your stories!

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