A Commemoration of Past Octobers

Okay. So I know I need to stop panicking at some point and try to enjoy being in freaking SCOTLAND. (Even after 3 weeks, I will think that word in my head and it hits me all over again and I do a tiny flip-out in my mind.) But as much as I wish that I was completely settled in with a ton of friends and somewhere to be every Friday night, the reality is, there are some things I miss dearly.

For instance, the desert. For the past three years, Logan and I have made a trip to the Southwest part of Texas (that little dip that stretches out under El Paso) around the end of October.

In 2008, we had our first kiss under the stars in Fort Davis during an astronomy field trip (yes, I know, sickeningly adorable).

The McDonald Observatory. People in Mexico can see the white domes, and they call it "Eggs on a Hill" or "Two Eggs"...I can't remember.

Not long after, he asked me if I "wanted to make it Facebook Official." I took this picture of him that night :) Sorry for the mushiness. I have to. Little 19-year-old Logie is so cute.

In both 2009 and 2010, we took a trip with Logan’s parents to Terlingua in the Chisos Mountain Range–Logan and George rode their bikes for two days in this big race that they have every year, and Jim Ann and I took the Jeep out, hiked around a few trails in Big Bend National Park, and even rafted down the Rio Grande.

Logan on his bike, and George's bike is on the left

The view at the top of where we hiked.

Santa Elena Canyon. The left cliff is Mexico, the right cliff is Texas.

I think this may be one of my favorite places in the world. I can still feel the chill in the air in the darkness of the morning and smell fresh tortillas frying and picture the grandeur of the overlook point in Lajitas where Logan asked me, “One day, when I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?”

This drive is bad for your brakes but good for your soul.

It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Texas I’ve ever seen. Logan says that the desert is a “different kind of beauty” that not everyone can appreciate with its cactus and dry climate and yucca and rocky dirt, but we have history here, and it calls to my heart.

We won’t be in Fort Davis or Terlingua this October, and I know it’s for a good reason, but I will miss it nonetheless. The funny (and ironic) thing is, we’ve made so many comments about how refreshing the rain is in Aberdeen because Texas is in such a horrible drought, but the one thing I miss is the desert.

October 2012? We’re planning a trip already.


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