Thoughts: My Mind, Pedestrians and Bread Mold

I have nothing particularly interesting to write an entire post about. We’re just getting ready to be back home and make some stories to write about from there. Until then, here’s a myriad of thoughts I’m having.

1. This Rose Salve from Bath and Body Works may be the best thing ever invented (thanks sister-in-law for buying it for me, you changed my life):

smells like roses, lasts forever, and you can put it on lips, cuticles, elbows, etc.

But we all know that I like multi-functional things. Because like this rose salve, I like to be efficient by carrying sixteen bags of groceries in one trip to save time.

2. Speaking of which, my mind is strange in that it constantly runs through the most efficient way to do things subconsciously even though it won’t matter in the long run. Like when I go to get a glass of water before bed, I make sure I’ve already gone to the bathroom before I go to the kitchen, so I move through my bedtime ritual from one end of the apartment to the other without having to backtrack. I don’t realize I’m doing this until it’s too late, but it happens all the time and it bothers me a little if I do have to backtrack. Like it makes me sigh and feel a twinge of disappointment. At times, I’ve physically shuddered. Sometimes I think I need a psychologist to test me for some kind of disorder. Erin?

3. I love this:

4. You know in this post when I talked about how I knocked Logan’s 1 TB external hard drive off the counter and broke it? And how we went to Target and found the same one for $40 cheaper than he paid for the first one, and everything was fine and dandy? And how we’ve been watching all our shows on it since we’ve been here? Well, guess what happened to me this week (rhetorical question, shut your mouth). Our lifeline, the thing that had been the light at the end of the tunnel on which we watched our free American television shows, has contracted a disease. A disease brought upon it by me dropping it while trying to move it. This time, it only took a casual fall of about a foot and a half, but now it only works sporadically, which makes Logan want to pull his hair out. And we can’t have that, because husband’s got great hair. DAMN YOU WESTERN DIGITAL HARD DRIVE WHY CAN’T YOU SURVIVE A FOOT-AND-A-HALF FALL? YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. DO YOU HEAR ME? DEAD!!

5. I just bought The Help to read on the plane ride home and am super excited. The bad news is, I had to buy a book because we’re flying back on U.S. Airways, which I hear kind of sucks in the movie entertainment department. And the leg room department. But cheap-ish tickets on short notice mean crappy flights I guess. I’ll let you know how it goes.

6. Pedestrian etiquette is seemingly unheard of here. Seemingly. People will walk in large clumps, taking up the entirety of the sidewalk (I mean, pavement) so you have to plaster yourself against a building or step out into the street to avoid running into someone. Logan and I think it’s because they’re so used to having people everywhere that they hardly even see you, and don’t get creeped out if they brush up against you because it happens all the time.

They're saying, "We aren't going to move because we want to force you to either move into the busy street or get awkwardly close to us so that you feel our breath on your face creeper-style."

Today, I kept having random people walk out of stores and stand in the middle of the sidewalk so that I had to move quickly to avoid them. It messes up my momentum, yo. When you’re without a car like us, you learn to power walk so it takes you less time to get across town, and it’s hard to do that when people stop in the middle of the sidewalk to chat and you almost trip trying not to mow them over.

Today while walking towards downtown, I had just finished maneuvering around 18 oblivious creatures when another lady comes out of store right in front of me, takes a step onto the sidewalk without looking both ways and just stops. I immediately utter “Jesus Christ” (I know. I KNOW. It’s bad. But it’s what I said and I’m sorry. I KNOW. It’s bad.) and almost break an ankle trying to avoid running straight through her, at the same time that she’s saying “Oh. Sorry.” Sidewalks are like miniature roads, people. The same rules apply. Look both ways before going into traffic. And use your blinkers.

7. Logan and I keep hearing sounds like gunshots outside our apartment. It happens almost every night around 9 or 10 pm. We don’t live in a bad neighborhood, and even if we did, guns are illegal and we surely wouldn’t hear shots every night. Right?….well anyhow, Logan’s dad thinks it may be a “gun” to scare away birds. I’m going to go with that.

I think I prefer this method.

8. Since we leave on Tuesday, we’re going to try and squeeze in as much Scottish culture as we can. That means millionaire shortbread, fish and chips, and Belhaven’s Best, people. These things may or may not happen all at the same time.

9. Logan just said he’s going to do the dishes. Wonderful husband of mine!

10. Our bread starting growing mold a few days ago, and since then we’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the mold multiply. It’s like a mini-science project in our kitchen. (Don’t judge us and think we’re disgusting people. See #9).

11. I can’t wait to take a shower in a big tub/shower so I can stretch out my legs when I’m shaving them. Oh, the luxury! I’ll never take that for granted again. And I can wash my hair without having to squat down to avoid the stream of water.


Alright, eleven is enough. I guess that at least proves that I’m not completely OCD and need an even 12 (unless that statement makes 12? Uh oh). But that last one made my mind spin in new directions with everything I missed about America (UH-MERICK-UHHH!), so maybe I can mold that into a semi-interesting post without sounding too whiney.


One thought on “Thoughts: My Mind, Pedestrians and Bread Mold

  1. grant and i sat and read your blog last night like we were 70 years old and your blog was the sunday paper. we laughed out loud, i cant wait to have you guys back! and as far as your “disorder” i would really like to diagnose you except then i would be diagnosing myself because apparently our brains work the same. love you guys, cant wait to see yall!

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