Here’s to You, 2012.

It’s been a big year, y’all.

I started to write about 2011 in prose form instead of this list I’m about to give you, but then I realized that the impact would be much greater if I laid it out naked on the table instead of dressing it up. So, here’s a few things that have happened in the year 2011 that are worth noting…

*My last semester of my undergrad, including Greek, Hebrew, and some furious wedding planning

*My car got broken into twice…luckily, it only cost me an ipod and a broken window in all.

*Graduation–sad but hopeful. And somewhat relieving.

*An awesome bachelorette party and the worst hangover I will (hopefully) ever have

*The wedding of the century (sorry Will and Kate). Also, the first time I had felt so anxious that I couldn’t eat for a week.

*1st move:  Logan into my apartment. Living with a boy for the first time.

*My 21st birthday

*2nd move:  All our stuff went into storage and we moved in with our parents for a month. Said goodbye to our first married home and the city where we met.

*3rd move:  We got on a plane and flew to Scotland. First overseas flight; first time out of the country.

*Second time that I was so anxious I couldn’t eat, but add in an extra week and a heaping helping of depression, loneliness and fear. Screw that feeling.

*4th move:  Back home to BG. Coming back to the tiny hometown I grew up in.

*First full-time job, not counting being a full-time student.

When I took Wellness for Life in college, we took a test determining how healthy we were. On the “stress” section, some of the things that factored in were a big move, a marriage, a new job, and graduations and other major milestones. I think if I went back to calculate how much stress I’ve been under during this year, I would have enough to spread around to all those inconsiderate people who block the aisles in Wal-Mart with their grocery carts.

But you know what? Even though I’m not sad to see 2011 go, I’m not going to sit here whining about it. Now that it’s over, I’m going to use New Year’s to make a fresh start. Sure, it’s cliche, but this is the first New Year’s that I’ve had reasons to make resolutions and had a NEED to look forward rather than backward. I really, really need something to look forward to and inspire me to push on. I need goals and hope for a future that’s not settling with doing something that isn’t “me.” I’m not done yet, and I hope 2012 shows that.

So. Here are some things I hope to work on in 2012.

*Stop feeling guilty when I can’t please everyone.

*Spend less time with TV and the internet and spend more time outside, reading, writing or doing contemplative prayer.

*Eat more fresh fruits and veggies, and eat less fried food and sweets.

*Do yoga and cardio on a regular basis.

*Be who I am, and don’t apologize for it or shy away from it just because it’s radical or new or different.

*And the BIG one–figure out what I want to do, and make steps toward getting there.

So here’s to you, 2012. 


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