Mona Rasco

Please view my Valentine’s-slash-having-an-awesome-husband present:

We decided to adopt a young cat (she’s a year and a half or so old) instead of a kitten. Since we work Monday through Friday, it would be hard to train a new kitten and leave it alone all day. Plus, she has her shots and has been spayed!

Her name is Mona (which is much better than her previous name, “Jazz”). It’s short for Simone de Beauvoir, who was a French existentialist philosopher, femenist, and the girlfriend/life partner of Jean Paul Sarte. I’m still trying to get used to calling her Mona…it keeps coming out “Mia” or “Chloe.” Don’t ask me why. If she was a little plumper I might have called her Miss Patty from Gilmore Girls, which would have gone along with the whole “Jazz” thing. But it’s Mona for now.

Logan was nervous when we left the cat alone for a few hours on Tuesday…we joked that we would open the door to the house and see pieces of the couch cushions everywhere, or that the cat would have set a small fire. Miraculously, nothing seemed to be out of place at all. She had a large portion of the house to explore and/or destroy, but she left it all alone. Instead, we found her curled up at the back of Logan’s closet sleeping.

I am a little worried about her, though. Almost every time I hold her, she tries to nurse me. She “makes biscuits” and nibbles all over my shirt, even my shoulders and arms. She doesn’t do it to Logan, so I guess she knows I’m a female? Other cats I’ve been around like to sit next to you and let you just rub them, but she is constantly looking for a nipple. I did some research online, and this dry nursing could be the result of her being taken from her mother before she was weaned. Or, she could just be comforted by this and reverts back to this “childlike” behavior when she’s in stressful situations. She did just move into an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, so I think that could be it. Hopefully, she will outgrow this when she gets more comfortable with us, but it worries me because I know we will be moving a few more times in the coming years.

Although, last night I did have a breakthrough. I got an old towel from the closet and draped it over me and on the couch cushion next to me, then let her “nurse” the towel instead of my shirt. She did it for a little while, then was content to let me rub her and eventually fell asleep. That was the first time she had fallen asleep on the couch next to me, so I was pretty excited. I just want her to be happy and feel safe.

We’ve been keeping her in her own room at night while we sleep, but letting her have free reign of the kitchen, living room and her room while we’re gone at work. Any of you cat connoisseurs, feel free to give advice!

Other than me worrying about her, Mona is doing just fine. She has gone in her litter box every time and loves the toys Logan bought for her. She’s pretty vocal, but not loud. She just says short little “mews” pretty often.

I love her.

Logan also got me this for Valentine’s Day, along with the cat:

He’s just the best husband I’ve ever had.

I love him, too.

(But not just for the cupcakes and kitties).

I hope everyone else had a good Valentine’s Day. If you want to read something funny about the history behind the holiday, read this article titled “What Does Spanking Have to do with Valentine’s Day?” by one of my favorite professors at HSU and a church historian, Kelly Pigott. It’s hilarious and true.

Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Mona Rasco

  1. Alyssa, my cat “nurses” the dachshunds neck. He loves it (he’s a pervert) but it freaks me out. Her mother died when she was just a week or so old.

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