When I think about being an adult, I always pictured myself getting up early and sitting at the kitchen table to have my coffee, orange juice and maybe some cereal or bacon and eggs while I watched/read the morning news and the sun streamed through the window. Of course, I was already freshly showered and had my hair and makeup done, and I was wearing a really cute outfit with heels because adult women never have trouble walking in high heels. Then, I would calmly feed my cat and be off to work to do something important.

Instead, this is how my “adult” morning routine goes:


6:00–Hit snooze.

6:10–Hit snooze.

6:20–Hit snooze.

6:30–Hit snooze.

6:40–Hit snooze. Feel deep remorse that it’s the last 10 minutes of sleep I’ll get.

6:50–Sigh, turn off alarm, get up.

6:53–Let Mona out of her room. Listen to her groggy meows and scratch her chin.

6:57–Get in shower. Use Logan’s 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner to save time. Watch as Mona climbs between shower curtain and liner to be with me without getting wet.

7:02–Forgo shaving legs to save time. Who does that on weekdays, anyway?

7:12–Get out of shower. Forgo putting on makeup to save time.

7:16–Exchange light banter with Logan. Talk about strange pool of water in kitchen.

7:20–Get coffee. Pet Mona.

7:24–Drink coffee while blow-drying hair. Forgo straightening to save time.

7:33–Finish getting ready except for straightening hair and makeup. Wait on Logan’s pop tarts to get toasted. Tell Logan that yes, he does look nice, except those shoes don’t go with those pants.

7:35–Wait on Logan to change. Help find the keys/phone/wallet.

7:40–Kiss Mona’s head. Distract her with laser so she won’t try to bolt out the door as we leave.

7:43–Finally get out the door.

7:52–Spill now-cold coffee on self during commute.

8:00–Finish hair and face at work.


I feel like my mornings could go much more smoothly if I would just get out of bed. The other problem is this:  It’s still sleepy and dark outside in the morning, so there is no part of me that wants to drag myself out of bed at 6 am. It would be nice to drink coffee on the back porch while the sun rose, though. It’s just that initial rolling-out-of-bed part that gets me. Curse my laziness and good mattress!

Maybe when Daylight Savings gets here.

I really do want to be a perky morning person. I wish I could easily hop out of bed, make breakfast, do a little yoga, a little cardio, some light cleaning. My in-laws have no trouble with this…they have gotten up at 5:00-6:00 in the morning for years, and many times it’s earlier. My dad is the same way–he can’t stay asleep, so he gets up at 3:00 or 4:00. Can I become this person? Logan and I have talked about how we want to be like that when we get older. Maybe when we have kids and have to be up when they are. The thing is, we don’t want to go to bed at 9:00 either. Granted, I’ve been getting very very sleepy around this time lately, but at our age things are still happening at this time of night. Especially on the weekends, when we’re out and about.

I guess I just need to put an alarm clock across the room. I just hate doing that, because it means I’m not good enough or strong enough to get up on my own. Which doesn’t make me feel very good about myself, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Is it just me? Do you people also torture yourself in the morning by pressing snooze sixteen times and then having to rush to get out the door on time? What helps you get out of bed? Or, are you happy to sleep in as long as possible?


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