Living the Single Life

While Logan was away on his camping trip to Big Bend National Park with all of his boyfriends (Grant, Jon, Trevor, Bronson, Matt, Kyle… I don’t think I forgot any), I was living the single life of luxury.


Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies with chocolate chips…yes please.

Chicken lo mein from Classic Wok

Now that’s what I call a good night. The only thing that could have made it better is if Xbox decided to team up with HBO-GO so I could watch my stories on the big screen. Also, I want you people to know that WordPress just corrected my use of “XBox” to “Xbox.” But it did not recognize its own name of “WordPress.” What is this world coming to?

Meh kitteh, Mona, kept me company. Although, the other night when I let her sleep in my room since Logan was gone, she kept getting under the bed to claw the boxspring, then darting in and out of the curtains like a mad woman. I then referred to her as “The Cat” for about a day because I was bitter about getting up at 2 am to put her out of my room.

Did I mention that Community is back on air? Because it’s been marked on my calendar for WEEKS AND WEEKS. Like a loving wife, I recorded it but waited to watch it until Logan gets back so we can watch it together. It’s more fun that way.

I remember living like this during the year before we got married. Coming home to a Lean Cuisine and Starbucks coffee ice cream. Sometimes having a can of beans for dinner. HGTV playing all day in the background. Putting on the ugliest clothes possible as soon as you walked in the door. Going at random times to walk around Ross and Target and Dillards by myself just because I wanted to look at all the pretty things and it made a pleasant afternoon. Having lime green bathmats because I could. Falling asleep on the couch watching TV every once in a while and being so comfy that I stay there the whole night.

Yes, living the single life was oftentimes quite lovely. But I wouldn’t go back. Of course, I can do all those things while living with Logan, but when you live with someone else, you choose to be less selfish (which is a good thing). You choose to do things that are good for both of you instead of just yourself. So yes, these nights I’ve spent alone have been nice for some reasons and probably good for us to spend a little time apart, but I’m ready for him to be back home. I’d rather give up Chinese food and brownies than give up living with Logan (and that’s saying a lot, because chicken lo mein is my soul twin). Having him around to share life with is worth many a night spent wandering around Target buying horrendous lime green bathmats.

However, I will be doing everything I can to enjoy being by myself. The extent of this is probably stretching all the way out on the couch while I’m watching TV and taking up the whole bed when I sleep at night. Maybe even going shopping and walking around as long as I want to because I don’t have to think about anyone else with me getting bored. However, it may also include dancing to my African dance workout DVD with no abandon in the middle of the living room for an hour. That remains to be seen.

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. If you read yesterday’s post about the traveling rooster, then you will understand this update in the sordid tale:  When my sister-in-law Leslee texted me to see how I was doing all by myself, I replied with “Nope I’m dead. You should have checked sooner. Someone chopped me up using a certain rooster cutting board.” She then said, “Hahahhaa, you are a sick person. No wonder my brother married you.” We are a nice family that is always full of love, encouragement and sarcasm.


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