Summer Lovin’

There were some yummy Sunday dinners:

Barbecue chicken legs with homemade sauce, homemade pesto mashed potatoes, and skillet squash

The United Supermarkets Summer Game (I won five dollars by the way…NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING):

I also won a free Redbox movie, free cinnamon rolls, and a free Greek yogurt

Healthier eating…

Except for these of course, because how can anything labeled with “Driscoll” be healthy? (Aaaaaand there go all my Driscoll-loving readers out the door).

Chocolate eating…

Well, at least it’s the healthier versions of chocolate that you can consume.

Playing with Miss Mona’s furry kitty belly (and trying to get her to stop chewing electrical cords):

Her highness herself. Looking chic as always.

Bought a new couch (and finally got it delivered 2 1/2 months later)…

That’s the picture from the store…pictures of our house will come later!

Had a one-year anniversary, complete with presents

Lovely gold watch that Logan got for me (all by himself…he’s so good).

Decorated my new office:

…Until my boss was hanging up the picture and accidentally dropped (and broke) the frame. Oops!

And spent time with best friends:

Best friends Grant and Erin

Overall, it was a great summer full of changes and fun and excitement and settling in. Logan and I are finally in the same town again, and we are slowly but surely getting more involved with the community–we want to be a part of something and be here for a while. So, while summer winds down and the fall semester begins (and Logan begins his MA in Religion), I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.


2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I love this post. Mostly because I feel like I’ve been an official part of “summer lovin” and am oh so thankful for that. Thank you too for the picture shout out–we love you!

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