Halloween and My Cooking Skills

I wish I could start this post with a picture of my awesome Halloween costume. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen because I don’t have one. Actually, I don’t think I’ve had one Logan was a cult leader and I was a nun (his virgin sacrifice)–in 2008. Here’s a picture of that.

Sexy is as sexy does.

You can’t see it, but he has a Kool-Aid ladle in his hand, a-la-Jim Jones. The Taco Bell cup in my hand has nothing to do with the costume. Shout out to Jesse Coulter (check out her blog) and Matt Marchbanks (his photography website).

So, maybe we’re just boring old folks this year. Also procrastinating old folks, because I’m about to go to Walmart (an hour before trick-or-treaters come) to buy candy. I contemplated giving them a few squirts of mustard or some Mini-Wheats, because we have plenty of that.

One really cool thing I did this week was make beef stew from a Yahoo! article recipe found HERE. It turned out to be completely delicious, although the recipe didn’t call for potatoes and that’s something I’d add if I did it again. Using beer to make the gravy-ish part was a great idea, because it gave the thing really good flavor. However, I will say that cutting up the huge slab of beef made me feel bad for the cow. I could practically feel the heartbeat.

Then, last night I made cookie dough dip for my coworker’s birthday party using this recipe I found on Pinterest. As it turns out, it tastes really cream-cheesy and butterscotch-y and not a lot like cookie dough. Doesn’t look like it, either. So, at the last minute, I whipped up another cookie dough dip recipe I found on a coworker’s blog. It didn’t use cream cheese and thus looked a lot more like actual cookie dough. Aaaaand it’s gone. I still set out the cream cheese monstrosity and called it “Cream Cheese Butterscotch Dessert Dip.” My boss, albeit few others, liked it, so I call it a win. Thanks for nothing, Pinterest.

It’s got to be the absolute worst when you find a recipe that looks good, spend the time and money to make it, and then it tastes just “eh.” Just “okay.” It’s happened to me a couple of times these past few weeks, like this southwest-chicken-rice-casserole thing I made that tasted like nothing. I guess that’s why people stick to tried-and-true recipes, huh? However, there are a few recipes I’ve found on Pinterest that ended up being absolutely delicious. For instance:

This chocolate chip bundt cake was AWESOME. I took it to an outdoor barbecue and it was the biggest hit ever.

Easy in the crockpot, but Logan LOVED it. Eat in tacos, on nachos, or over rice.

Dorito Casserole. Sounds weird. Tastes awesome.

Oreo bars. One little slice is super filling!

This is a classic. Even if I don’t have spinach, a pesto-and-provolone grilled cheese is impeccably good.

So, there you go. Some tried-and-true recipes actually found on Pinterest. Next, I’m going to have to break out the Pioneer Woman Cookbook and start making those bad boys.

Happy Halloween, people. Stay safe and stay away from weird recipes and cult leaders.


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