Bits of the Weekend, and Too Many Toss Pillows

What a great weekend it’s been! It’s the beginning of spring break for a lot of folks (but not for me until Thursday), so there’s been some excitement in the air. I was disappointed at first because we had been planning to go rock climbing on Saturday, but my Weather Channel app was predicting thunderstorms all day (of course). Then, on Saturday, we had a few clouds maybe but NO RAIN WHATSOEVER (of course) until that night around 9:15 pm, which lasted about 10 minutes (of course). Moral of this story:  The Weather Channel app is a total drama queen.

However, I did end up being pretty productive. As soon as I came home from work on Friday, I made some no-bake cookies, which were soooo good.

no bake cookies


I did those dishes, then Logan and I went out to eat at Red Robin. I used to not like Red Robin, but now it has become a staple. The turkey burger and the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap are my favorite, but the real reason I go is for the Campfire Sauce. When I was a freshman in college, my best friend’s older sister took us there (shout out to Alyssa and McKenzie!) and introduced me to the wonder that is Campfire Sauce. It’s not on the menu, so you have to specifically request it to get any. I’m tempted to not even tell you in case that everyone goes to get some and the world runs out of it.

On Saturday, I was bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t go climbing, but that didn’t stop me from getting up at 8:15 to make sausage pinwheels for my favorite person in the world.


(In case you were wondering, it’s this guy. What a hunk.)

I did some stuff around the house, then got ready and went to run some errands with my friends Erin and Hope. Erin was looking for some pillows to go with her new comforter and a new bedside table, both of which we found successfully.

Let’s stop here and discuss pillows.

Between us three ladies, we probably own 48 toss pillows. I myself have 15 for 3 rooms in my house, and 6 of them came free with our couches that I need to get rid of and are currently piled on our guest bed. I am estimating that Erin has 13 (actually, make that 17 since she just bought 4 more) and Hope has 20. So, around 52 toss pillows total, give or take. It’s a sickness. I never considered toss pillows a big deal until I got married and had to make our house look good. Before, in my bachelorette apartment, I had a giant purple couch with 4 cheap pillows purchased from Ross and Walmart. Now that I have bought some more and have gotten used to looking at them in every store I go into, I can’t help but notice how pretty they all are. I want them all. I’m pretty sure I get this from my Nana, who has a large hall closet dedicated to seasonal pillows and blankets that she changes out periodically. I also blame Erin and Hope.

Saturday night, we had Erin and Grant over to watch a movie, during which time it rained/lightly hailed for ten minutes. I also hijacked Erin unawares to make her give me an opinion on the toss pillow situation of my couch. At that present time, I had 5 mismatched pillows and no idea what to do with them. I also have issues with needing validation from people I love to make sure I’m making the right decisions (Erin understands this because she’s a psychologist).

On Sunday, Logan and I lost an hour of sleep and got up anyway to go to Sunday School because, hello, we JOINED the church today! It’s the first time I’ve joined a church since I was in second grade and the first church we’ve joined as a couple, so it was a pretty big deal for us. We went out to Fazoli’s to celebrate, then to Pier 1 to look for – what else? – toss pillows. We came home, relaxed for a bit, then got out the ol’ step stool (which isn’t so old because I just bought it at Target yesterday) and finally hung our curtains. WOW it makes such a difference to have those up, and we didn’t even kill each other in the process (but almost).

living room


The solid orange pillows are the new ones. Now I’ve just go to figure out what to put on the walls. See the Coke bottle on the coffee table? That will always be a cherished memory of the time Logan and I gave up sodas for Lent (you can have them on Sundays, which we’re taking full advantage of). Also, is the no-meat on Fridays just a Lent thing or a all-the-time thing? Because we’ve eaten burgers the past 3 Fridays in a row.


This particular one is from Lucy’s, our #1 burger place in Abilene. It’s on Treadaway and N.19th. I just wrote a Yelp review about it because it’s so good. If you go, get the peanut butter ice cream or I will hunt you down and force-feed it to you. Unless you have a peanut allergy, because then that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Have a great week people!




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